develop Pittsfield, IL
Development Pittsfield, IL
downtown Pittsfield, IL
downtown Pittsfield IL

Pittsfield's City Leaders Plan for the Future

Pittsfield City Officials

John Hayden, Mayor
Ann Moffit, City Clerk
Wanda Martin, City Treasurer
Ed Knight, Economic Development Director
Tom Reinhardt, Zoning Officer

City Council Members: Kevin Ketchum, Paul Lennon, Ed Knight, Bill Grimsley, Robert Wilson, Kevin Wombles, Robert Wood, Robert Ritchart

Economic Development Plan

We are actively marketing our progressive vision for Pittsfield in order to attract businesses and residents into the city so that we can maintain a thriving living environment. Greater economic opportunities will increase the attractiveness of the community as a place to live and work. The availability of both commercial and industrial employment centers and new lucrative entrepreneurship opportunities in our community are major stimuli for growth and development. In addition to providing employment and income to citizens of Pittsfield, economic growth provides increased tax revenues to the city. A strong financial base allows the city to provide a wider range of amenities and services to our residents. Hence, economic development is an important aspect of our comprehensive plan.

Pittsfield is the largest city in Pike County and the largest urban economy in the County. In fact, Pittsfield's economy significantly contributes to the diversity of the County’s economy as a whole and accounts for over 40% of the non-farm employment in Pike County.

Pittsfield is the center of commerce for much of Pike County and has unusually robust retail sales for a community of its size; the retail and service sectors account for 60% of all employment. Pittsfield offers excellent hospital and related medical services, accommodates corporate air travel at the Pittsfield Penstone Municipal Airport, and is an excellent location for a variety of businesses, including retailers, manufacturers, and warehouse and distribution facilities. 

Our development objectives include:

  • Emphasizing the importance of our central business district;
  • Encouraging the development of retail and services businesses;
  • Support programs and organizations that help strengthen the historic character of downtown;
  • Attracting industries and businesses to the industrial park, as well as other locations within the city;
  • Providing quality infrastructure to serve the potential businesses in the industrial park; and
  • Building a skilled workforce in the community by providing opportunities for training in technical skills that businesses are looking for in their employees.

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